Roy Holman

“The following opinion post is directed at my Facebook friends who reside in Orting proper. I invite others to move along as this probably won’t interest you. To my Orting friends, this post is a little lengthy but please read. 

I’ll start by saying that I normally stay far away from political posts on Facebook. In this case, I am breaking from my norm as I find myself passionate about the issue of the upcoming primary election for the Mayor of Orting. I am choosing my personal page to post because the community pages that I am heavily associated with are not intended for this type of opinion. I welcome you to read on.

Cutting directly to the chase, I am strongly in support of Ortings current mayor Joachim (Joe) Pestinger to be re-elected and here are a few reasons why. Let’s start with character. Recently my wife and I, along with a couple of neighbors, had the pleasure of Mayor Joe’s company for about an hour. He stopped by our home to deliver a couple of campaign signs that we had requested. Rather than dropping and leaving, he took the time (on a beautiful Sunday afternoon) to chat on the back patio. Of course, local issues were discussed but it was really just a nice visit with a nice man that has the highest of character. A man where you can look into his eyes and see the goodness within. An intelligent, well spoken, passionate and devoted man to his community. Easily the type of person you would welcome into your home and want to call your friend. I had already made my decision with my vote before Joe made his stop but my vote was cemented after that day. Character is huge with me and it is my opinion that he is on solid ground, especially in comparison with his main opponent in the mayoral race.

Let’s talk a little about Mayor Pestinger’s accomplishments. I’ll only name a few as the list is long and distinguished. Joe has served Orting as a council member, as Deputy Mayor of Orting and on the Executive Board of the Puget Sound Regional Council (involving four counties). He has served as Fire Commissioner of Orting Valley Fire and Rescue. And, of course, is currently serving as the Mayor of Orting. His past employment history is highlighted by serving as The Director of WSDOT Real Estate Services. He had this position for 10 years. His dealings on a local, county, state and regional level have developed relationships that are very important to a small city like Orting. One case in point: The Orville water line, serving Orting, was/is in a bad state of disrepair. This problem has lingered for roughly a decade before him with not much being done about it. With the problem finally being addressed by Joe and a key council member, the city was ready to begin bids for the replacement line easements on private property. A last-minute handwritten addition to the county permit would have required removal of the old line and would nearly double the cost of the project. This would have put the entire project in jeopardy. Through Mayor Pestingers connections he was able to meet with the Field Engineering Manager and convince him of the hardship that this new requirement would have on the city. They agreed to remove this requirement thus avoiding considerable delay to the project while saving our city 1.5 million dollars. HUGE to a city our size. This is just one example of the many capabilities that Mayor Joe possesses. 
Joachim Pestinger loves his community and his passion and devotion cannot be questioned. When you compare character and integrity with his main opponent in this race, there is no comparison. Joe wins hands down. Please consider Joe as your re-elected mayor of Orting. He has done a great job and certainly deserves another four years. My vote is in! If you care to share my opinion then I have marked this post public and you are welcome to share it. Thanks for taking the time.”