Endorsements for the ‘GO with JOE’ Mayor Pestinger re-election campaign:

Endorsements for the ‘GO with JOE’ Mayor Pestinger re-election campaign:

Reelect Joe

Dave and Mary Inge; Beth Harman; Candice and Jason Webster; Clementina Perez; Madeline Jones; Robert and Sherri Jay “Weldin’ Eldon” and Doris Reed; Maurine Lewis; Darrel and Sharon Orgill; Gayla Hill; Marci Boulet Brian Graham; Sarah Heyter; Katrina and Keith Mang; Mary Hamlet; Tony Schneider; Leah and Chance Brimhall; Larry and Patty Villa; Dave and Sue Harman; Bob and Vivian Rogers Cheryle Temple and John Kelly; Josh and Brooklynn Cridlebaugh; Mindy, Ryan and Rachchael Brunson; Roxie and Timothy Malloy; Joe and Patty Glaser; Kevin and Trina Hamlet; Greg and Kira Bradshaw; Karen and Scott Swanson; Andrea Melot; Bo Asay; Jerad and Teresa Lewis; Jon and Rebecca Hicken; Madelynn, Kayla, Brian and Tiffany Welp; Timothy Raynon; Mike and Arlene Dannat; Steve DiJulio; “Town Greeter” Stefanie Clement; Charles and Ruth Clement; Rick and Amy Molen; Nicola McDonald; Kelly and Janette Brydson; Alan and Jeri Gamblin; Sue and Cal Kuhlman,; Gwenn and Howie Robson; Keven and Shiree Pine; Jared and Charity Swanson; Stan and Zelda Phillips; Marvin and Reta Cox;
Dennis and Dawn Paschke; Jeannie Pestinger; Barbara Ford; Bret and Kathy Colby; Beverly Emmons; Roy and Lisa Holman; Mark and Amanda Tyson; Denise and Mike Vogel; Jim and Mary Anne Bevard

Senator Randi Becker, Washington State 2nd Legislative District
Representative Joyce McDonald, Washington State 25th Legislative District

Pat McCarthy, former Pierce County Executive, now Washington State Auditor
Mark Lindquist, Prosecuting Attorney of Pierce County
Mike Lonergan, Pierce County Assessor – Treasurer
Brian Ziegler, recently retired Pierce County Public Works Director

Douglas Richardson, Chair, Pierce County Council
Dan Roach, Member, Pierce County Council and former State Representative
Jim McCune, Member, Pierce County Council, and former State Representative
Rick Talbert, Member, Pierce County Council
Amy Cruver, Council Member McCune’s Assistant

Pat Johnson, Mayor of Buckley and current President of the Washington Association of Cities
Milt Tremblay, Deputy Mayor of Buckley and Vice-Chair of the Pierce County Regional Council
Debra Perry, Mayor of Milton and President of the Association of Pierce County Cities and Towns
Neil Johnson, Mayor of Bonney Lake
Dave Enslow, Mayor of Sumner 
John Hopkins, Mayor of Puyallup 
Denise McCluskey, Councilmember, University Place 
Mike Schaub, Mayor of Eatonville
Wally Snover, Mayor of Carbonado
Ron Lucas, Mayor Steilacoom