Experience that Counts

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Attended Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Received an Associate of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  Attended additional courses offered by the International Association of Assessing Officers, the National Highway Institute, the Society of Real Estate Appraisers, the Appraisal Institute, and the University of Washington.

Employment History

Clark County Assessor’s Office – Residential Appraiser; Commercial Appraiser; Industrial Appraiser; and Residential Appraiser Crew Chief.

Clark County Public Works Department – Real Estate Acquisition Agent, Appraiser, Land Management Supervisor.

City of Seattle, Engineering Department – Real Property Services Supervisor

Washington State Dept. of Transportation (WSDOT) – Director, Real Estate Services

A Better Way – MEDIATION,  LLP    Specializing in Right of Way and Real Estate Dispute Resolution – Principal Partner

Employment Highlights

  • As Deputy Assessor became certified by the Department of Revenue as Residential Appraiser, Commercial Property Appraiser, and as Industrial Property Appraiser.
  • Testified as Expert Valuation Witness in Superior Courts in Clark and King Counties.
  • Key Player in the development and administration of Seattle’s Good Neighbor Program to stabilize property values after the Midway Landfill Gas scare. We purchased and resold 165 homes; subsidized the private sales of an additional 104 homes; managed $800,000 Realtor Consultant contracts; coordinated with lenders, title/escrow companies, and attorneys. Completed program 1 year ahead of schedule and $1 million under budget.
  • As WSDOT’s Director of Real Estate Services for 10 years, administered the acquisition, appraisal, relocation assistance, title clearance, and property management activities of approximately 110 employees in 6 Regional Offices and Headquarters in Olympia.
  • Approved up to 900 property purchases, mediated settlements, or stipulated judgments each year. Was granted unlimited settlement authority on behalf of WSDOT.
  • Advised State Senators and Representatives on real estate issues and testified before the Legislature. Obtained legislative approval and funding, and administered a $10 million Advance Acquisition Revolving Fund.
  •  After the I-90 Floating Bridge sank, investigated potential pontoon construction sites in Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Obtained assignable lease options for 2 sites.
  • Negotiated the $14 million purchase of a new Regional Office Complex in Vancouver for WSDOT and the Washington State Patrol.
  • Represented 17 western states on the Executive Board of the Right of Way and Utilities Subcommittee of the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Chaired the committee on Best Appraisal Practices in the United States.
  • Proposed, developed and co-chaired a study tour of European Right of Way and Utilities Best Practices.  Ideas brought back from Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain will improve US practices in Appraisal, Acquisition, Compensation, Relocation, Right of Way Training, Utility Coordination, and Project Development. Pilot programs in a few states show significant benefits.  For example, the Virginia DOT reported a $6 million savings on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project.
  • As a consultant, drafted the real estate acquisition chapters and reviewed the appraisal chapters for Montana’s DOT Right of Way Manual; developed training for private Utility Companies, and state and local agencies in Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and Alaska.
  • Served as approved Instructor by the Arizona, Utah and Nebraska Boards of Real Estate Appraisers.

Teaching Experience

Taught the following courses for the International Right of Way Association in more than 75 cities throughout the United States and Canada:

# 100      Principles of Land Acquisition                                           4 days
# 103      Ethics and the Right of Way Profession                            1 day
# 104      Standards of Practice for the R/W Professional              1 day
# 200      Principles of Real Estate Negotiation                                2 days
# 201      Communication in R.E. Acquisition                                   3 days
# 203      Alternative Dispute Resolution                                           2 days
# 209      Negotiating Effectively with a Diverse Clientele             2 days
# 211      Effective Written Communications                                    1 day
# 214      Skills of Expert Testimony                                                    1 day
# 303      Managing the Consultant Process                                       2 days
# 400      Principles of Real Estate Appraisal                                     2 days
# 401      The Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions                                 5 days
# 402      Introduction to the Income Capitalization Approach     1 day
# 407      Valuation of Contaminated Properties                               1 day
# 410      Reviewing Appraisals in Eminent Domain                        1 day
# 700      Introduction to Property Management                              2 days  (was lead author)
# 701      Property Management: Leasing                                           2 days
# 703      Real Property Asset Management                                        1 day
# 800      Principles of Real Estate Law                                                2 days
# 801      United States Land Titles                                                        2 days  (was lead author)
# 802      Legal Aspects of Easements                                                   1 day
# 803      Eminent Domain Law Basics for the R/W Professional   2 days
# 900      Principles of Engineering                                                       2 days
# 901      Engineering Plan Development and Application              1 day
# 902      Property Descriptions                                                             1 day
H006      Mediation for the Right of way Professional                      2 days  (was lead author)

Additional Activities

Guest Speaker at the Appraisal Institute’s national convention in Seattle.  Moderator or speaker at nationwide annual meetings of AASHTO’s Right of Way and Utilities Committee. Speaker on real estate and condemnation issues at several education conferences for the Attorney General’s office.  Served on the eminent domain faculties of Law Seminars International, Inc. and Lorman Education Services. Speaker at meeting with Japanese delegation of Transportation Ministers of the Prefectures (States) to describe US governmental appraisal and real estate practices.

Served on the Orting City Council, as Deputy Mayor; and on the Executive Board of the Puget Sound Regional Council (the Four-County Metropolitan Planning Organization). Served as Fire Commissioner of Orting Valley Fire & Rescue (Pierce County Fire District 18).  Now serving a 4-year term as Mayor of Orting, Washington.

Experience that Counts

High and Dry

Even before Joe was elected mayor he actively participated in working with five different funding sources to secure the $19 million needed to build Orting’s new set back levee to protect our community from flooding. The city of Orting was awarded Project of the Year by the International Right of Way Association.

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Experience that Counts

Good Neighbor Program

Joe was a key player in the development of Seattle’s Good Neighbor Program after the Kent landfill gas scare. The owners of nearly 1,000 homes were eligible to participate. Fortunately, the program was successfully completed one year ahead of schedule and $1 million under budget.

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Experience that Counts

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