Cooperation that Succeeds

Orting Honored for Puyallup River project

Joe 2017 _ Orting Honored for Puyallup River Project“We broke ground on the $17 million project in March 2014. On Nov. 25, the new infrastructure was tested as the Puyallup rose to the same flow that flooded our town in 2009. But this time, the new levee held. It was tested again in December and in January. It worked. The benefits to people are obvious and immediate: safety, community well-being, economic security.”  Click here for full article.

Cooperation that Succeeds

Traffic Light Improvements

The Orting School Superintendent called “Mayor Joe” because “the bus drivers had a hard time making a right turn out of the High School parking lot at the McDonalds traffic light. Cars coming from the north, waiting to make a left turn into the parking lot made it an extremely tight squeeze for the long buses. The Mayor (who had worked for WSDOT for 10 years) contacted the Regional Administrator and was successful in getting the left-turn lane pulled back 10 feet. Here is the card from the bus drivers, thanking “Mayor Joe”:

Bus Driver Thank You Card 1

Bus Driver Thank You Card 2

Cooperation that Succeeds

Seattle Times Article: A new way to tame rivers

Seattle Times Article _ River Project

Cooperation that Succeeds

Letter from Governor Jay Inslee – Puyallup River Project

Jay Inslee Letter 1

Jay Inslee Letter 2

Cooperation that Succeeds

Train Station in McMillin

Mayor Enslow (Sumner, WA) and Joe Pestinger worked hard to secure $5 million for a commuter train station in McMillin near Orting, WA.

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